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Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) in Port Alberni

Each tooth contains a small hollow area, called the root canal, which contains the living parts of the tooth. This living tissue, called the pulp, is made of blood vessels and nerves. The pulp can become infected if the root canal is compromised, which can lead to a serious infection or an abscess around the root of your tooth. Root canal treatment is used to prevent or treat this infection.

How endodontic treatment is done

Root canal treatment is performed under a local anesthetic. To remove the pulp from the affected tooth we drill a small hole in the tooth, surgically remove the pulp, and then clean the root canal and seal it with a filling to prevent re-infection of the area.

Once the root canal treatment is finished the tooth can be restored with a dental crown.

If you are suffering from a sharp, severe toothache, you may have an infection. Call our office today to book an examination.

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