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Cosmetic Dentistry in Port Alberni

Cosmetic dentistry can mean a procedure as small as altering the appearance of a single tooth or as large as a whole-mouth makeover. Our cosmetic dental services let us enhance your natural traits by reshaping and changing the appearance of your teeth. If you’re dreaming of a new smile, we can help you make it a reality.

Contouring and Bonding

Contouring and bonding are methods used to reshape your teeth or change their appearance. They are used to close or widen gaps between teeth, make a tooth appear more evenly shaped, and remove or conceal stains or superficial damage.

Contouring is the removal of small amounts of enamel with a special tool, and bonding is the adding of a special resin to build up areas of a tooth. Both processes are painless and can be done in one appointment.

CEREC Ceramic Crowns

If a tooth can’t be reshaped or enhanced with contouring and bonding, we can replace it completely with a cosmetic ceramic crown. These specially-made crowns are created from a ceramic compound that mimics the enamel of a natural tooth.

We can produce and place cosmetic crowns in a single appointment using our in-office CEREC system.

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